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Your journey starts with your choice of Carriages. Take a look below to see what appeals to you!

The Vis-à-Vis


The term comes from the French vis-à-vis, meaning face to face. A vis-à-vis is a carriage in which the passengers sit face to face. Our Royal line of Carriages are elegant Vis-à-vis carriages to make any woman feel like Royalty. 
      They are white carriages with colored accents and beautiful  intricate
scrollwork. \ The accents include lighting and flowers can be added to accent the vision in your mind. A matched set of white horses complete the ensemble, unless black horses are requested.
     The driver formally dressed, top hat included, give an formal old world feel perfect for weddings and Quinceaneras. If that is a little too fancy for your occasion the driver will suit your needs dressing more casually perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, parades or homecomings.
Tell us your desires and we will work with you to make it happen!

Also available with a cover when requested!

The Vis-à-Vis Gallery

Vis-a-Vis Gallery

The Vis-à-Vis Pricing

Carriages rides and Photo Sessions are $1250 and up.
Please Note:
*   Price depends on location and duration of the event. 
*   We will arrive, with freshly washed horses, shined harnesses, and cleaned Carriages. We disinfect carriages between events. 
*   Please see the contract page, to see our terms and conditions.
*   For a price quote for your specific event, please contact us. 

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