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Dream Catchers Carriages History


        Growing up as a child I was raised with horses and mules and loved every minute of it. A little while before Dream Catchers came into existence, I  began a new adventure of learning to drive Carts and Carriages, thus fulfilling one of my life long dreams.
       Since that time I have acquired the skills to drive-train my teams and the idea of Dream Catchers was born.  I have now been in the  carriage driving business for over 10 years. I take pride in having the horses and carriages shine in order to make your day special.
       Each horse has its own personality making every interaction with them enjoyable.  They  love the attention they get while working and often show excitement at being loaded into the trailer. Take a look below and I'll introduce you to my team and family.  With my dream coming true, my goal is to do all I can to make your dreams come true.
        I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.

- Jennifer

Meet Our Teams

Dixie and Daisy



My name is Dixie. I am on left. People often confuse me with Daisy but just look for that little white star on my forehead. I am a gentle giant who loves being pampered. I love bath time and getting all decorated. Bright colors make me happy and I love to show off. Make sure you bring your cameras, I am a Diva!


My name is Daisy. I am on the right. I love apples and Carrots. Even though I can not eat on the job I am the first one rearing to go. I see that trailer door open and I am eager to to get going for my new adventure. If you come too close I may lean into you just a little to see if you have a snack waiting for me! One can always hope!

Cap and Gray

Cap Left Gray Right_edited.jpg
25960 (1).jpg


My name is Cap. You can recognize me because I have a darker forelock (bangs) than my brother. I like to fool people by snorting at them and making them think I am a real grinch. However, like the grinch I have a heart of gold. I love the smell of peoples hair and will nuzzle your hair and neck if you allow me to.



My name is Gray. I have the whiter forelock than my brother. I am more laid back and like to go with the flow. I like to harass my brother and keep him in line like any good brother would do! Oh and just like a good brother, I like to let him do the work while I supervise, whenever possible.

Top and Toy



My name is Top. I am a work horse in every sense of the word. I love a good challenge and no job is too hard or long. I have a heart of gold and will do all I can to make my family proud. Mom calls me her "Trojan Horse" because I have the heart of the legendary fighters but unlike the trojan horse of old, there is no deceit or trickery in me. Give me something to pull and I am doing what I love best.  



My name is Toy. I am a true momma's boy. If mom calls me, I come right over to see her for a scratch and a little praise. I love children and take every opportunity to give them a little nuzzle. I love having my picture taken and love it when little kids take an interest. I am always ready for a photo op with a little kid sitting on my back and making them smile! I am kicked back and easy going. I am always willing for a photo shoot but beware.. I like to stick my tongue out just to show what a child I am at heart.

Mike & Mary

IMG_2687 (1).png


My name is Mary. I am teammates with Mike and we are the youngest members of the family. Though we are young, we are eager and excited to start our journey at our new home. I am a complete sweetheart who loves all the attention I can get. I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people and getting all the pets I crave. 


My name is Mike. Mary and I are the newest addition to the family. Mom is still trying to figure out my quirks. I love driving and pulling the carriages (they make me feel studly) but I am still trying to figure out what kids are and if I like them. I have a big heart but I am still a little rough around the edges. Mary and I come from Wisconsin where we gave sleigh rides in the winter but glad to be out of the cold and into the wonderful sunlight. Though I had never heard of traffic before coming here and not sure what I think about that.

Pony Party Crew

11 x 14 in.jpg


My name is Dudley. Though I have been trained to pull carts, it is not my favorite past-time. I prefer spending my time playing with children, and hanging out with my best friend Tulip. I love attention and scratches to my neck.  I enjoy bucking and playing tag at home with Tulip but I come running to the fence anytime my human wants to give me attention... and I always have to hope a treat is not too far behind...



My name is Tulip. You know how they say big things come in small packages? I follow true to that statement. I may be little, but I am mighty! I love playing with the big boys in their pen but I can hold my own. I am so excited because I recently received my very own little saddle! Birthday parties.. here I come!! I forgot to ask...Where's the cake?

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