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Frequently   Asked   Questions

How do I Reserve a Carriage for my event?

Simply contact us to get things started. This can be done via call, text, email, or through the Contact us form. You reservation will be complete once we have verified the availability of your request, the contract has been agreed upon, and the deposit made.

How far can horse drawn carriage travel during the ride?

When making your plans, please keep in mind that a horses travel at approximately 3 miles per hour on level ground. Thus, we recommend distances not over 2 miles. We also will not pull a hill that we feel could injure our horses or are not safe, 3% grade max.

What is the deposit amount?

Our Standard deposit is $200.00, which is payable when you make your reservation. The balance is due no later than the day of the ride, before the ride begins.

What areas do we serve?

While that majority of our work is through out all of Southern California, further distances are available upon request. 

What if I would like more time?

Let us know the duration when you contact us to set your reservation, how long you would like us to stay. We will set the contract accordingly. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.

How early Should I book my event?

We recommend you book as soon as possible. This ensures we are available to meet your needs. If your event is last minute, please contact us. We will try to accomodate. Please understand, there are certain times of the year where we book up fast. Contact us to see what we can do for you.  

Do the horses like their job?

Some horses are more suited for certain jobs better than other horses. Our horses, often show excitement and an eagerness to please. We have to rely on body language as we as an adaptability to the training to let us know if they are suited or not. Just as your dog shows you he's happy you are home, our horses show us in small ways, how they are feeling. The horses that don't seem to enjoy pulling are send into a different life style that suit them better.  We take care to not over work our horses, have them in proper physical conditioning, and they are closely monitored to ensure the best possible health and care for them. 

Does the hard roads hurt their feet?

Our horses are fitted with shoes to protect their feet from the pavement and asphalt. They are not on hard pavement for extended periods of time, so very little time of their lives, they are actually walking on roads. They are monitored closely by myself, farriers, and vets to ensure they remain uninjured and feeling good.

Is the pulling weight hard on the horses?

The breeds we primarily use we bred for their strength and endurance. They can pull up to 6 times their own weight. With our heaviest carriage, and loaded with people, we utilize less than half of what they are capable of. This ensures we are never over stressing our horses and prevent injuries. 

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