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Although the Carriages may be too much for the kiddos to enjoy, we are pleased to have their own fantasies come to life and inspire them to make
their Dreams Come True! 

The Pony Party Fantasy

     What little girl doesn't dream of having her own unicorn for a day? You can really make her day special and bring in her very own unicorn. This is not your standard pony ride!
11 x 14 in.jpg
      The Party begins with meeting the Pony or "Unicorn" and the children and take turns riding this special creature. Then they can really turn the pony into their own special Unicorn creation by painting the pony, with pony safe paint, to make a beautiful unicorn of their own creation!
A handler experienced with both Horses and children will make sure safety is observed at all times keeping your stress to the minimum and your smiles to a maximum. 
     Our ponies Dudley and Tulip loves their job of making children smile and they work hard to make every childs' dream come true!

The Pony Party Gallery


The Pony Party Gallery

The Pony Party is $425 and up depending on location and duration.
Please Note:
*   Paint is provided by the Party host, if painting is desired. Please       contact us to find out about Pony Safe Paints.

*   Please see the contract page, to see our terms and conditions.
*   For a price quote for your specific event, please contact us. 

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