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Our Contract Terms and Conditions

HORSE AND DRIVER SAFETY CONCERNS: When making your plans, please keep in mind that a horses travel at approximately 3 miles per hour on level ground. We are not required to pull a hill that we feel could injure our horses or are not safe, 3 % grade max. We reserve the right to refuse service that may harm horses or driver or passengers such as hills and traffic.   


WEATHER CONDITIONS: Dream Catcher Carriages will continue operations in the rain, though a covered Carriage maybe substituted, if available, with 6 hours' notice. If the weather is deemed unsafe (lightning, hail, extreme heat, extreme wind, etc.,) by Dream Catcher Carriages, we will contact you as soon as possible on the day of your ride to delay, re-schedule, or cancel depending on the weather conditions. If it is deemed a cancellation is in order, your payment including the deposit, will be returned within 30 days of the scheduled ride date. If Dream Catcher Carriages arrive at the location, and inclement weather arises, we reserve the right to delay the ride up to 1 hour or until the weather abates, whichever occurs first.  

CANCELLATION AND RESCHEDULE BY CLIENTS: All cancellations must occur 24 hours in advance, with no refund on the deposit. Other funds will be returned if canceled prior to 24 hours. If cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours' notice, any balance must be paid in full, and all payments will not be refunded.  Once Dream Catchers Carriages arrive at the ride location, there will be no refunds, regardless of reason for the cancelation be it weather or unforeseen event. Reschedules with an additional fee may be deemed appropriate on a case-by-case basis.


UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: Although it is very uncommon, Dream Catchers Carriages reserve the right to substitute horses or Carriages in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Dream Catchers Carriages may also cancel an appointment without prior notice due to these unforeseen circumstances which would be beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to: Horse Illness, equipment failure, etc., In a situation where this occurs, Dream Catchers Carriages will refund your deposit but will not be held liable for any amount greater than that of the deposit.  

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO: You are granting permission to Dream Catchers Carriages to use any photos and videos taken, during the course of this contract, to be used as Dream Catchers Carriages deems appropriate.


CONTRACT COMPLETION: Dream Catchers Carriages will be released from service when instructions on the contract have been completed or when time has run out. If additional time is requested at the last minute, it is your responsibility to discuss arrangements with Dream Catchers Carriages.  It is at the discretion of Dream Catchers Carriages on whether addition time will be granted.   Additional time beyond the contracted time will charged at rate of $150 per hour.


I understand that the activity of carriage riding involves numerous risks of injury that is my own responsibility. I assume these risks, including any injuries from horse or carriage, whether they are obvious or non-obvious and waive all rights to hold Dream Catchers Carriages responsible for any injuries or damages that may occur. If I am participating in any horse activities, I and/or my family further understand that an animal, irrespective of training or usual past behavior and characteristics, may act or react unpredictably at times, based upon instinct or fright. This is an inherent risk that must be assumed by each participant in the carriage event, except in the event the issues that occur are attributable to Dream Catchers Carriages' own negligence.   


Dream Catchers Carriages will not be responsible for negligence on the part of the person(s) riding in the carriage. Person(s) must remain seated while carriage is in motion. Children under the age of 13 years must have parents’ permission and be accompanied by a responsible adult while riding in the carriage.   


The Deposit and a sign contract will guarantee your date and time. Acceptable forms of payment for the deposit include VENMO or ZELLE. Other payment methods may be arranged and the discretion of Dream Catchers Carriages.  Balance must be paid   IN CASH the day of the event PRIOR to the start of our services. 

If you maintain open communications, we will do all we can to work through your situations. Our goal is to provide you the best possible service possible.

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